Photo of best recycling bagBest recycling bag hanging in kitchenBest recycling bag bottom handleDealing with recycling and trash is just one of a million different issues you’re trying to manage as a great Airbnb host. Most Airbnb Host Tips miss the mark on how to help guests deal with recycling and waste management. You care about the environment, but you don’t know exactly how to properly recycle. Betterbin is here to help you and your guests be environmentally sustainable!

Airbnb host tips and resources for recycling and waste management

First, check out our blog post ! We shared an Airbnb host checklist of what you can do to help your guests deal with recyclables and waste. One of the items on the checklist is providing your guests with an Airbnb welcome letter that has pictures of where the recycling and trash bins are conveniently located.

Not a recycling expert? Not a problem. We understand trying to be an expert in your community’s local disposal guidelines can be time-consuming and overwhelming. But we want you to be the best Airbnb host while demonstrating your stewardship of the environment in your community.

We pre-load local recycling instructions right into the Betterbin app that pairs with a Public Thread reusable recycling bag. Your guests can scan or search for products and packaging materials to get accurate local recycling instructions, while you sit back and feel good about your commitment to the environment in your local community.

Check out our short app demo and implementation overview to see how the app can enhance your Airbnb guests’ experience. 

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