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Recycle right.
Compost more.
Buy responsibly.

See how it works

Check out a video of the recycling side of the app HERE. Or, check out a video of the composting side of the app on the compost tab. Connect with us and we can show you how the recycling and composting sides of the app integrate, as well!

Skip on-package label confusion. Give localized information. Meet your audience where they are – their phone! Then, reward them for choosing to do better. Connect for a demo.

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Increase the financial efficiency of your community recycling and composting programs; reduce your need to play sole community educator and provide a better service to your residents.

Subscription food scrap programs

Materials acceptable in subscription food scrap and yard waste membership programs can vary based on processor type and the end use of the compost material. We give your members a custom, branded-as-you app to educate and engage program participation. Learn more.

Airbnb/VRBO hosts

Get your guests access to local recycling or composting instructions so they can properly dispose of packaging when they are traveling away from home. Guests don’t need to download anything! Learn more.

Apartment/condo managers

Tenants are constantly on the move and you don’t have time to be an expert in local recycling guidelines for each of your building locations. Empower your tenants to properly dispose of packaging and food waste with easy access to building-level disposal instructions. Learn more.

MRF operators and organics processors

Make sure you get only the materials you want coming into your facility. We empower the residents in the communities you serve to properly recycle and compost, decreasing operational down time and garnering you more financial value from recycled (organics and non-organics) commodities. 


Finally, you have a place to get trusted, accurate, local recycling or composting instructions specific to the products in your hand. Earn rewards just by learning how to recycle or compost properly, and learn more about making more responsible purchasing choices.

Brands and Retailers

Earn new customers by providing point-of-purchase packaging and product recycling and food waste prevention information. Offer gift cards or giveaways to reward consumers for learning about how to properly dispose of product packaging.