Product-specific recycling and composting instructions based on where you live.

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Demo the live composting side of the app HERE. Thinking about recycling instead? Demo the live recycling side of Betterbin HERE. We recommend using your phone to demo the app. Enjoy!

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Betterbin app barcode scan function


Residents and tenants skip generic websites, inaccurate local recycling guidelines and recycle labels that don’t give them the answers they need. Scan the barcode or text search for any product or material, and the Betterbin app’s one-of-a-kind database connects you to location-specific how-to-recycle answers and compost answers.


Increase the financial efficiency of your community recycling and composting programs, reduce your need to play community educator and provide a better service to your residents.

MRFS and Haulers

Reduce contamination, create better sorting efficiency and generate higher commodity resale values.

Brands and Retailers

Earn new customers by providing point-of-purchase packaging and product recycling and food waste prevention information. 


Earn donations toward community projects! We engage users with incentives that give back to local organizatons.