Rolling in style

Less than one year ago, ERbin was the recipient of a University of Wisconsin-Extension Ideadvance Seed Funding Award. That funding and a whole lot of hustle later, ERbin is launching its beta test in the Village of Weston, WI this month. Holler!

So, what is ERbin, right? ERbin is an app that simplifies household recycling. Grab your phone, scan a product UPC barcode or text search for a product or material and you’ll get instant, local how-to-recycle answers.

Why ERbin? Because most people don’t realize that where they live defines what is actually acceptable in their recycle bin.

But still, WHY ERbin? Because we are putting so much trash, compostables and reusables in our recycle bins, it’s wreaking financial havoc on the material recovery industry. If we want community recycling programs to remain operational and financially viable, we need to clean up our mess.

The ERbin app is going to completely change the way people get educated about how to recycle right and more in their community. We let you skip the test and get straight to the local how-to-recycle answers you need.

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And if you’re a municipal leader, hauler or solid waste management professional who catches our vision, let’s connect.

Thank you immensely to everyone who has helped us prepare for takeoff.

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