Week 3 Scan Challenge

Week 3 Scan Challenge Products!

It’s Week 3 of the Weston Scan Challenge. All you need to do is download the ERbin app and scan at least five of the products listed below to find out what is acceptable in your Weston recycling bin. And just for added inspiration, we’ll send you a $5 grocery gift card when you create an account in ERbin (just need a name and email) AND scan those five products. Scan at the store OR at home – doesn’t matter. We KNOW you’ve always wondered if that plastic egg carton is acceptable. Now is the time to find out. Happy Scanning! And remember – the ERbin app’s how-to-recycle info is only relevant to Village of Weston (WI) residents who have Advanced Disposal as your recycling hauler. We’ll grow to more communities soon!

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