Tech-powered composting awareness

It’s ICAW! Nope, not a birding thing – International Composting Awareness Week 🙂

Composting has been such a driver in our personal and professional lives here at Betterbin. We got our start in recycling, but quickly realized how the educatBetterbin Madison Screenshotion space among composting programs was similarly missing a much-needed tech upgrade for conscious consumers.

I still can’t quite get our office food scrap tumbler to NOT smell so bad, so I have to imagine other households still have a lot of questions about home composting. Luckily for some of you, private and public food scrap or compost programs are popping up more and more across the U.S.

Food scraps and food waste from home is a real thing – and a real bad thing when it ends up in landfills. We had an awesome chat with EatStreet on their blog about why diverting food waste from landfills is so important. EatStreet is a food delivery app based in Madison, WI and currently serving many communities across the Midwest. They helped us launch the Betterbin app in Madison, where the city just re-opened is free community food scrap drop-off program.

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have ALL of the stakeholders in the food value chain involved in local composting programs. Just as with recycling programs, compost program guidelines vary widely based on who is processing your materials. We want to give a virtual fist bump to EatStreet and their team for being proactive in thinking about their food footprint on the earth, and how they can help divert food waste from landfills.

A shout-out is also deserved by our Betterbin app users across the Great Lakes and over to Organicycle (Grand Rapids, MI), Rust Belt Riders (Cleveland, OH), and then a few more miles over to Lebanon, NH. Making sure your members get all the answers they need for what should and shouldn’t be coming into your feedstocks totally makes our day, everyday. If you live in any of these communities and want to get started responsibly diverting your home food waste from the landfill, check out these earth stewards that we are so lucky to serve. Happy Composting!

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