Here’s your chance to quit saving your paper grocery bags; ditch single-use plastic bags and stop begrudging your weekly recycling chore. Enter the best recycling bag ever.

Wondering what to consider when buying a bag for recycling?

The Public Thread Recycling Tote combines circular economy principles with the power of tech to help you recycle more and recycle properly at your home or apartment. Crafted from upcycled outdoor billboards, each tote shows off a one-of-a-kind design. The large, 19-inches tall x 16-inches round, tote comes equipped with a third bottom handle that eases the movement of materials from inside your home or apartment to an outdoor cart, bin or compactor.

It gets even better. Each tote also comes with a unique QR code to download the free Betterbin app. Betterbin works directly with local communities to provide you with locally-relevant recycling guidelines. Use the app to scan the UPC barcode of any product to get disposal instructions specific to your community.

You can buy now, if you live in Madison, WI; Wausau, WI, Weston, WI or Lebanon, NH. These are communities that already use the Betterbin recycling app. Don’t live here? Get on the pre-order access list.

We recommend this tote + app combo for anyone who needs to store and physically move recyclables from an inside location to an outside cart, bin or compactor. Apartment or condo tenants will especially love the high-end look of the tote and ease of moving recyclables down stairs, an elevator or outside of your building. Avoid single use plastic bags for storing your recyclables and reduce multiple trips to dispose of your materials. Add some cache to your recycling routine and know that you are giving landfill-bound billboards a new life.

  • Crafted from upcycled billboards
  • Equipped with a unique bottom handle
  • Pairs with the free Betterbin recycling app
  • Compare the tote size with a rolled-up adult sleeping bag
  • Vinyl material easily wipes down to remove food residue


Photo of best recycling bagWoman holding best recycling bagBest recycling bag bottom handleBest recycling bag hanging in kitchen.