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The composting communication conundrum

Educating compost program participants at-scale about what materials are acceptable/unacceptable in their program is a substantial burden on your time and bottom line. So is contamination in your feedstock. So is the diversion of fewer materials because participants simply don’t know what biodegradable materials they can compost in your program. What gives!?

Individual organics programs use varied hauling and processing equipment and techniques to manage materials. Therefore, each program needs custom disposal instructions for participants.

This time of year, participants likely have questions about:

  • Pumpkins and gourds
  • Garden leftovers like weeds and plants
  • Corn stalks/husks and fall decorations
  • Yard waste, fall leaves

Have you considered how you’ll let your participants know if these materials are acceptable in your program?

Just as recycling program guidelines vary by community, our team at Betterbin understands the nuances from one organics, food scrap, or compost program-to-the-next. But who’s helping program managers communicate this information to program participants?

That’s exactly what we do – and on the one platform you need it on – your participants’ phones. Easy access to information about acceptable and unacceptable materials is crucial for a successful organics, food scrap, or compost program. It’s not easy for participants to know what goes where. You also don’t have the capacity to implement the type of ongoing education campaign that consistently reduces contamination and increases the diversion of organics materials. Until now.

The Betterbin app was developed by passionate organic waste diversion proponents who saw a need to upgrade how consumers learn how to compost RIGHT. While you take on the day-to-day of running an organics diversion program, we’re behind the scenes supporting your participant communication and education needs. Learn more.

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