Airbnb host tips: How to manage recycling at your AirBnb

Airbnb host tips: managing recyclablesYes! Travel is back. Post-COVID Airbnb guests demand one requirement above all others: an above-and-beyond hygienic Airbnb stay. Unfortunately, less germs can also mean more single-use packaging. So here are some Airbnb host tips to help your guests to recycle more, and recycle right!

Airbnb host tips: How to deal with recycling and trash at your AirBnb effectively

Dealing with recycling and trash is just one of a million different issues you’re trying to manage as a great Airbnb host. You care about being a steward of your natural environment, but you don’t know exactly how to properly recycle. Betterbin’s recycling experts put together this great list of Airbnb host tips to clean-up your guest’s stay.Airbnb Host Tips: Leave the recycling guidelines to the experts

  1. Leave clear instructions in an Airbnb welcome letter. What information should be in the letter? Think visual cues first. Photos of the recycle or trash bins, or photos of the outdoor location where a cart is located. In the Airbnb welcome letter try to also show photos of acceptable recyclable materials. Because just having text describing acceptable materials can get confusing for out-of-towners. See how we do it!
  2. Help your guests feel a sense of accomplishment about dealing with recycling and waste at your Airbnb. Share tips and statistics about the positive impact they will make when they recycle while traveling. You can also promote recycling rewards programs for your guests to encourage them to recycle more.
  3. Offer convenient containers and locations for recycling around the house. Today’s recycling containers don’t have to look like the boring traditional recycling or trash bins. Public Thread  makes a really trendy eco friendly bag so you can recycle in style!
  4. Leave the recycling guidelines to the experts (like us!). Don’t feel like you need to know everything about how to properly recycle or compost in your community. Take a peek at your local municipal recycling and refuse website, or even call your local recycling coordinator. They would LOVE to help you out. There are also many experts like Betterbin that can help make sure you’re giving the correct recycling information to your guests.
  5. Bring some cache to Airbnb recycling. The bottom line is, you care about your community. And your guests care about minimizing their impact on the earth while traveling. One of the most important Airbnb host tips when it comes to recycling and waste management is to make it easy and cool. So hype it up! Try creating a zero waste travel guide or provide a low-waste Airbnb welcome basket that could include refillable hand sanitizers, reusable grocery bags, or tabletop composter. Your guests will appreciate your efforts and want to come back.

We hope you found these Airbnb host tips helpful! If you need more informational content on recycling and composting at your property or if you just want to join a really cool community that cares about our environment, follow us on Insta or on Twitter @BetterbinApp, or come visit our website: Recycle more. Recycle right. | Betterbin